Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide tuition to students from age 4-18, students work on a number of activities, meaning that they can cover a range of subject areas and utilise different methods of learning, although we take care to select the individual’s preferred methods. It is crucial that success is achieved and recognised even when a student is challenged as this helps develop confidence and self-esteem.

As an alternative to one-to-one tuition, we run evening & weekend group classes aimed. Classes are weekly, students are taught in small groups (of between two and six people), and classes are arranged so all students in a particular class are at a similar level and following similar specifications.

Over a period of time we cover all the major topics, iron out problems, and do plenty of practice on questions to prepare for the exam.

As well as costing less than one-to-one tuition, these classes have all the advantages of an interactive environment – but are small enough for students to receive plenty of individual attention. We have found they work very well indeed and have proved extremely beneficial for many students.