Message From Our Director of Studies

Dear prospective parent,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Talent Engaged Tuition. This website aims to give as much detail as possible about the service being provided. However, a website may not be able to answer all your questions and we therefore invite you to come and visit our tuition centres so that your child can get a feel of our highly valued service.

I am determined that Talent Engaged Tuition will provide excellent education and inclusive learning environment that your child fully deserves. Our tuition centres provide and outstanding learning establishment providing the very highest of standards and will be a vibrant and exciting place to learn. Everyone who learns at our tuition centres will be offered tremendous opportunities to progress, establish skills, competencies and attitudes that will prepare them for the future.

I believe that young people learn most effectively where they feel safe, secure and happy. We endeavour to provide a nurturing, caring and supportive environment; one where we build confidence, self-esteem and respect for others as a platform for academic achievement and excellence.

You have my personal commitment, as the Talent Engaged Tuition – Director of  Studies, that I will work with staff and parents to ensure that the tuition services are outstanding in all that it provides and seeks to achieve.

Our aim is to provide platform for your child to discover their full potential.

Omar Janjooa

Director of Studies