GCSE MathsEach year many students panic and stress about their GCSEs. At Talent Engaged Tuition we specialise in providing private tuition for GCSE Maths and our qualified tutors do their best  to ensure students really benefit from our GCSE Maths Tuition courses.

Finding the right private tutor in London can prove to be very difficult, At Talent Engaged Tuition we ensure our tutors are qualified and have correct experience to to really add value to the GCSE Maths Tuition they provide. We truly believe our bespoke GCSE Maths Tuition courses provide students with all the tips & tricks on how to get a top grade for their exams.

What is GCSE Maths?

GCSE Mathematics is a desirable qualification for almost everyone, and a 'must' for many careers. The syllabus offered is broad and practical with much of the maths relating to everyday life (Functional Skills). It can be studied at either Foundation or Higher level, the latter providing students with a preparation ground for further study as AS level.

Course Description

The GCSE Mathematics Curriculum allows learners to:develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts, including:

The GCSE Mathematics Curriculum allows learners to:

- Functional Maths
- Number
- Algebra
- Geometry
- Measures
- Statistics
- Probability

Syllabus Covered

EdExcel | AQA | OCR


Foundation Level – Grades C, D, E, F, G

Higher Level – Grades A*, A, B, C, D

Post 16 Options

Learners can go on to study AS Maths and A Level Maths, choosing modules that focus upon their preferred aspect of the course such as mechanics or statistics. Learners may also choose to complete an A Level in Statistics.

How Can GCSE Maths Tuition Help?

- Revise your selected subjects thoroughly
- Learn how to pass exams
- Work on the topics you have the most difficulty with
- Develop exam technique with past papers
- Stay focused and gain motivation from other students
- Boost your overall confidence

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