What to expect from us

What to expect from us

We are passionate about delivering top quality education. At Talent Engaged Tuition we aim to provide our students with top quality academic support.

Our CentresFocus

We understand that students spend many hours in a school environment and that can really become rather boring for them. At Talent Engaged tuition centre we ensure each of our centres provides students with  a smart, modernised and innovative learning environment. We are constantly striving to develop new and innovative learning techniques to ensure we are engaging students and delivering a stimulating learning experience that makes a pleasant change from school.

Our Courses

Each of our bespoke courses have been created using over 25 years of combined teaching and academic education management experience, they are aligned with the National Curriculum. Each course provides students with valuable knowledge along with specialist examination techniques.

Individual Attention

At school students are placed in overcrowded classes that consist of 25-30 students, which does not allow the teacher to give more than two minutes to each student. At Talent Engaged Tuition, we ensure we maintain small class sizes of an average of 3-4 students. By maintaining small classes we:

  • Ensure each student is given a good amount of individual attention during class
  • We treat each student as an individual, not just another number.
  • Encourage students to ask questions during lessons
  • Repeat things as many times as necessary

Assessment & Feedback

It is important to regularly track each individuals learning progress, this is why we have systems & processes in place to ensure real time information is available to staff to monitor the progress of each student. Students are given a written or verbal test at the end of each lesson to assess that they have understood the topic taught during each lesson. Centre management provide parents with regular feedback along with a report each quarter. We operate an open door policy were parents and students can approach a member of management directly to provide feedback or comments.

Behaviour Management

At school many students have to put up with fellow students who constantly disrupt their learning during lessons. At Talent Engaged Tuition we operate with a strict zero tolerance policy. We are responsible for ensuring that students are taught in a productive environment with no other students hindering another students progress. Our strict enrolment criteria ensures we only take on  suitable students who are passionate about learning.

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