Each year many students panic and stress about their A-Levels. At Talent Engaged Tuition we specialise in providing private tuition for AS Biology & A2 Biology, our qualified tutors do their best to ensure students really benefit from our A-Level Biology Tuition courses.

Finding the right private tutor in London can prove to be very difficult, At Talent Engaged Tuition we ensure our tutors are qualified and have correct experience to to really add value to the A-Level Biology Tuition they provide. We truly believe our bespoke A-Level Biology Tuition courses provide students with all the tips & tricks on how to get a top grade for their exams.

What is A-Level Biology?

Most A-Level Biology courses require you to have at least grade C or above at GCSE in Biology, English and Mathematics. Despite popular belief, biology can be quite numerical so a basic understanding of mathematical principles is beneficial. A-Level Biology is structured as a modular form, with six modules spread over two years.

You will cover a broad range of biology theories and principles, including lifestyle, transport in animals and plants, genes and health, development, plants and the environment, practical biology and research skills, the natural environment and species survival, energy, exercise and co-ordination, practical biology and investigative skills.

Upon completion, you will leave the A-Level Biology course with a broad range of knowledge of how living systems work, including the principles of genetics, molecules, taxonomy, natural selection, evolutionary theory, global warming, bacteria and viruses, amongst others.

The majority of the modules in A-level biology are assessed by examination, with exams lasting around one and a half hours for each module. Coursework is offered at both AS and A2 level, making up 33% of your final grade. There are a variety of experiments that support theory work and the majority of assessment are fully marked by the examination board.

Course Description

Learners will cover a variety of A-Level topics during the course, this varies depending on exam boards.

Syllabus Covered

EdExcel | AQA | OCR


Having A-Level Biology can open up a world of opportunities in both university choices and career options. A level biology renders opportunities to study BSc biology, biomedical sciences, medicine, dentistry, zoology, ecology, animal science, marine biology, life sciences, environmental science, forensic science or any other subject related to the natural world.

Possible career choices that require A-level biology include: biological testing, biotechnology, independent research, food industry jobs, nutrition, medicine, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, zoologist, zookeeper, animal care, veterinary nurse, scientist, amongst a huge range of others. In fact, having an A-level in biology will put you in great stead for a huge range of careers, as it is a great qualification to have.

How Can A-Level Biology Tuition Help?

  • Pass exams with the best grades
  • Equip yourself with a logical mind frame
  • Practice areas of development
  • Develop exam technique with past papers
  • Stay focused and gain motivation from peers
  • Boost your overall confidence


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